Baguette batch #2 announcement!

Baguette is one month old! Thank you all for your trust.

Today at 18:00 UTC + 2, batch 1 ends.

2.5M $BAG were distributed during this first month. 2M went to LPs and 500k for single staking. The rewards of the $BAG pools were twice as high as those of the other pools.

We had a lot of feedback on this first batch and that was the goal of this system. Adjust our strategy according to the user experience and the evolution of the market.

As a result here are the adjustments and changes of batch 2:
● Total $BAG rewards increased from 2.5M to 3.5M.
● The rewards of LPs $BAG goes from x2 to x3 of rewards compared to other LPs.
● Removal of DAI/AVAX & DAI/BAG LPs replaced by XAVA/AVAX & XAVA/BAG.
● Addition of the AVAX/SHIBX liquidity pool.
● Addition of single staking: $XAVA.
● LPs rewards go from 2M to 2.5M / Single staking rewards go from 500K to 1M (250K $AVAX / 250K $XAVA / 500K $BAG).

Updated Liquidity pools list:
● AVAX/BTC: 104,000 $BAG
● AVAX/ETH: 104,000 $BAG
● AVAX/LINK: 104,000 $BAG
● AVAX/USDT: 104,000 $BAG
● AVAX/XAVA: 104,000 $BAG
● AVAX/SHIBX: 104,000 $BAG
● BAG/AVAX: 312,500 $BAG
● BAG/BTC: 312,500 $BAG
● BAG/ETH: 312,500 $BAG
● BAG/LINK: 312,500 $BAG
● BAG/USDT: 312,500 $BAG
● BAG/XAVA: 312,500 $BAG

Updated single staking list:
● AVAX: 250,000 $BAG
● BAG: 500,000 $BAG
● XAVA: 250,000 $BAG

Batch 2 will start right after 18:00 UTC+2 today.

We hope you enjoy these adjustments, come and give us your feedback on our Telegram channel!

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